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Why are we celebrating?
Sandringham High school was officially opened in 1968 making it 40 years young in 2008. Throughout Sandringham’s
life it has always maintained values and traditions specific to the schools environment. The teal blue color became
a tag line and the popular name for the schools vibrant, competitive, energetic and superior spirit. This spirit has
remained increasingly strong and alive over the years. Children are often heard saying their blood is teal in those
moments where pride and joy are visible in their faces.

We have always striven to make SHS a school of the highest quality, producing students who are competent,
mannered and excited about life. School is meant to be enjoyable and meaningful for both learners and teachers
alike. We believe this is true for Sandringham.

Sandringham is focussed on maintaining and improving our spotless academic record, last year in particular we
had a 100% pass rate for matrics. Many of these matrics have and will go on to achieve greatness.

Sandringham High School is a public school, this means we work closely with the GDE to ensure we teach the a full
and accurate syllabus and maintain the correct conduct and standards of education. SHS strives to keep up and
break new boundaries in new and innovative teaching methods. Teachers are encouraged to make classes informative, interactive and fun for all students.

Sandringham's pupils are guided to become holistic people who are vibrant, energetic and focussed. Sandringham
boasts a multi cultural environment and shows pupils the benefits of interactive with different cultures.

Sandringham High School has recently received two incredible recognitions. One of these is that SHS is in the
top 20 University of Witswatersrand (WITs) feeder schools. The second is a remarkable achievement as we are
the only public school in the exclusive Alan Gray Orbis Foundations Inner Circle of 40 schools nationally.

We think we deserve to celebrate our continued success and greatness at every moment.



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