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Dear Past Pupils

We, as fellow past pupils, presently teaching at Sandringham High School would like to update you about where your old school is now.

In some ways there have been changes in line with a changing SA, but Sandringham High School still stands as a beacon of top-notch affordable schooling, maintaining consistently superior academic results such as 100% matric pass rate, a high university exemption rate and many distinctions in matric.   Last year, three of our pupils were placed in the top 10 in the district.  Extra-murally too, our school continues to participate and achieve well in both the sporting and cultural areas.

Our pupils are culturally and racially diverse and come from vastly differing backgrounds – some impoverished and other privileged with approximately 40% of pupils unable to pay school fees.  Unfortunately the government perceives us a privileged school and gives us very little money (R140 000 per year), beyond paying for a minimum number of teachers’ salaries.  In order to maintain our excellent standards we have to pay many teachers from school  funds. 

Some of you may remember the “temporary” prefab classrooms that were built to deal with burgeoning numbers. After + 30 years these classrooms are now collapsing and dangerous – and still being used.  The boiler-room which used to heat up classrooms, no longer exists.   Our classrooms are freezing and we require heating and when it rains, pupils get wet, moving from classroom to classroom because of leaking roofs.  Security is a necessity in SA and our palisade fencing needs repairing.

Our computer centre is no longer operable and we desperately need to set up a new one, not only to keep up with international trends, but to institute a much needed literacy programme.  These are just a few of the things that need to be done.  We are sure that many of you will agree that your success has a lot to do with the education you received at Sandringham High School and we would like to give modern pupils the same firm educational basis that we were given. 

We are passionate about maintaining Sandringham High School as a non-racial, affordable and excellent school which functions harmoniously with none of the cultural and racial tensions that many people expect.

To this end we would like to raise two million rand and we would appreciate whatever you may be able to contribute.  If possible please furnish us with names and contact details of other past pupils. 


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