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100% Pass Rate

Sandringham learners, their dedicated teachers and the school management has done it again, 100% pass rate! 2008  has been a year we are proud of: In particular we made it into the Alan Gray inner circle of excellence, that makes us the only public school with this honor! We also featured as a TOP Wits feeder school and for the second year in a row had a group of our most promising students attend the GIBS Spirit of Youth program!

Sandringham High School is a public school, this means we work closely with the GDE to ensure we teach the a full and accurate syllabus and maintain the correct conduct and standards of education.

SHS strives to keep up and break new boundaries in new and innovative teaching methods. Teachers are encouraged to make classes informative, interactive and fun for all students.

At Sandringham High School we are focused on creating independent, holistic students.

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